Flax Jacks Pancakes (paleo, starch-free, keto, low carb)

Flax Jacks Pancakes - paleo - low carb - keto - vegetarian These Flax Jacks remind me of the buckwheat pancakes I used to enjoy eating before I went grain/starch free. To me, this version is just as filling, and they still have that “whole grain” taste, even though they are grain free! Continue reading

Two Ingredient Strawberry Truffles (paleo, low carb, vegan)

Two Ingredient Strawberry Truffles - paleo - vegan - raw - keto - recipe

Just Two Ingredients to make the base for these Pure + Simple Strawberry Truffles! Continue reading

Paleo Hamburger Bun (keto, low carb, nut free)

Paleo Hamburger Bun -Easy Recipe - Nut Free - Keto - Low Carb

This is my go-to Pure +  Simple Hamburger Bun, Sandwich Bread, and Breakfast Toast Recipe.

Continue reading

Paleo Pita-Tortilla-Naan Bread (vegan, starch-free)

Paleo Pita Bread (vegan, starch-free, gluten free) Super EASY Recipe

You won’t believe how Pure + Simple this Pita recipe is! Only a few essential ingredients!! Continue reading

Tzatziki Sauce (paleo, vegan, aip, starch-free)

**Tzatziki Sauce** Super Easy Recipe, Paleo, Dairy Free, Vegan, AIP

A cool refreshing cucumber mint dip that pairs well with almost anything.  Continue reading