My favorite supplements for fighting AS and inflammation

Overcome Inflammation with these Supplements @pureandsimplerecipes The question of “What supplements do you guys take?” has been asked so many times in the low starch paleo, and leaky gut forums I participate in, I thought it was finally time to share the ones that I rely on. I primarily like to get my vitamins and minerals from nutrient dense natural foods. So this list is short, but sweet. Continue reading

Instant Berry Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, starch-free, low carb)

Instant Ice Cream - raw, vegan, paleo, keto, low carb @pureandsimplerecipes

I am so in love with this recipe right now! And its soooooo easy! And it’s ready in an instant! How can you not loooooove it!! Continue reading

Flax Jacks Pancakes (paleo, starch-free, keto, low carb)

Flax Jacks Pancakes - paleo - low carb - keto - vegetarian These Flax Jacks remind me of the buckwheat pancakes I used to enjoy eating before I went grain/starch free. To me, this version is just as filling, and they still have that “whole grain” taste, even though they are grain free! Continue reading